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The Problem: Physical retailers lack the ability to track and engage with their customers as effectively as online retailers. Online retailers, like Amazon, know every product that a user has viewed and can target them with tailored offers.

We’re building an app that allows stores to engage with their customers. The app displays a real-time map of shoppers inside the store, visualizing them as they move around. We're using a new technology called iBeacons to calculate the location of customers. We can use this live location data, along with a customer’s previous browsing and purchasing habits, to send them tailored offers directly to their smartphones as they shop. The app also allows the store manager to configure individual iBeacons to broadcast their selected promotions. They can even send a promotion to an individual customer on the map.

Typical Scenario: A person browsing the electronics section of a department store gets a promotion pushed to their phone about a product that they were looking at on the store's website.

NOTE: We are applying for the Namecheap Challenge.

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