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BoilerMake 2014 can be found here:

BoilerMake is a 36­hour hackathon ­ an event in which computer programmers collaborate intensively on software projects ­ bringing together 400 students from 10 or more colleges and universities across the Midwest. Hosted in the Stewart Center, BoilerMake will give students the opportunity to develop the hardware and software ideas of their dreams. Employees from sponsoring companies will act as mentors during the event; giving participants the opportunity to brainstorm and troubleshoot with mentors from prominent technology companies. After 36 hours of development the BoilerMake Expo begins. During the expo students showcase their projects, apps, and products to the public, media, and Purdue.

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BoilerMake is open to all current undergraduate, graduate, and high school students, including freshmen! You don't have to attend Purdue University; you don't have to be a computer science major or even an engineering student, though it's best if you have some coding experience. You aren't required to have ever attended a hackathon before: we will have tech talks beforehand so you can ramp up quickly. You can come with a team, come by yourself and hack alone, or come alone and we'll help you find teammates..


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Kirby Kohlmorgen

Kirby Kohlmorgen
Assistant to the Regional Manager

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
  • Polish
  • Creativity
  • Usefulness
  • Structure Integrity